Experience the power of OSS Point advanced Salesforce solutions the ultimate cloud-based Business Process Eco-System Automation Solution designed to provide unparalleled advantages for your business. Our intuitive interface and high adaptability allow your organization to easily achieve operational and business objectives. With advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence features, OSS Point advanced Salesforce solutions delivers substantial value to both users and administrators. Don’t settle for less – unlock the full potential of your business with OSS Point today.


  • Streamline your sales process with OSS POINT's end-to-end supply chain solution connecting all business stakeholders

  • Increase sales productivity and efficiency with complete field force management and performance analysis

  • Simplify sales payments and reconciliation with an easy, instant, and secured online-based process

  • Enhance the quality and efficiency of your business processes with OSS POINT

  • Improve customer service and manufacturing outputs with OSS POINT's comprehensive ERP system

  • Make informed decisions with real-time data and analytics provided by OSS POINT

  • Adapt to change more easily with OSS POINT's agile ERP platform



Introducing standardized business processes, achieving Cost and Time


Our Mission is to work for societal development through technology initiatives, capacity
building and resource optimization.

Run your Business with A Digitized Integrated Solution

Enhance Collaboration

Connect all the business functions with OSS POINT and promote cross-departmental collaboration. Improve communication and data sharing for greater efficiency and success in achieving your goals.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions accessing real-time analytics and reports. Keep up-to-date with the latest performance metrics, gain valuable insights, and achieve a competitive edge with advanced data analysis.